Suggestion Scheme
  EGA Suggestion Scheme  


Message from MD & CEO

A passion for innovation, expressed through continually seeking ways to improve its processes, products, quality and performance standards, has been fundamental to the successful growth and development of EGA, since the company's inception at Jebel Ali in November 1979.

I believe, a key driver of this quest is the Suggestion Scheme - an employee involvement programme that was founded in May 1981 at EGA Jebel Ali smelter and has become an integral part of the company's continuous improvement process.

At EGA, we are committed to increasing organizational effectiveness through the innovative capabilities of our workforce. EGA has been in the forefront of innovation since the commissioning of the EGA Jebel Ali smelter. Employee involvement and empowerment is not something new to EGA but instead has been vital to our corporate culture since the foundation stone was laid; and is promoted through our value 'Perform' - which speaks of excelling through continuous improvement and innovation.

There are two main factors behind the suggestion scheme success:
  • Firstly, the entire management team whole-heartedly supports the Suggestion Scheme, actively driving it and encouraging employees to participate.
  • Secondly, leading on from this, the Suggestion Scheme is not just a concept or a programme at EGA. Instead, it is an essential part of EGA's culture of continual improvement.

The new EGA Suggestion Scheme has been developed by considering the best process where suggestors, supervisors, evaluators and areas work together as a team to implement the ideas generated on a timely manner. Most importantly, Supervisors have been given equal responsibility along with Area Committee Members for administering the Scheme in their respective areas.

I am very proud of the Suggestion Scheme, and everyone who has played a part in its history. Going forward, we are committed to further enhancing EGA's organizational effectiveness by continuing to harness the innovative capabilities of our workforce. Thanks to the involvement of our employees - through their skills and ideas - EGA will become even more productive and profitable".

Abdulla Kalban, MD & CEO